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If your son is interested in joining our cub scout pack, we would be happy to talk with you. We all have had one or more sons currently in the pack, or have seen them graduate into Boy Scouts (sixth grade and beyond), and have seen the good works of scouting. We are an all volunteer group and can use your help and support.

  • First graders are called Tiger Cubs—leader is Alan Sanders. Tiger den meetings are on Wednesdays at 6:30 PM.
  • Second graders are called Wolves—leaders are John Hitt and Chris Cornue. Wolf den meetings are on Thursdays at 7:00 PM.
  • Third graders are called Bears—leaders are Ted Perez and Raymond Zenkich. Bear den meetings are on Mondays at 7:00 PM.
  • Fourth and Fifth graders are called Webelos—due to numbers, we usually meet as separate years -- Webelos I and Webelos II.
  • Fourth graders are called Webelos I—leaders are John Hitt, Alex Calderon, Jonathan Meeks, and Alan Sanders. Webelos I den meetings are on Tuesdays at 7:00 PM.
  • Fifth graders are called Webelos II—leaders are Tata Venkata, Brooke Lester, and Ed Malthouse. Webelos II den meetings are on Tuesdays at 7:00 PM.
  • The above are the dens (age group units) of our pack which encompasses grades one through five. Dens meet usually about two to three times a month during the school year, almost always at our Scout Room for the Tigers, Wolves, Bears, and Webelos I. The Webelos II den usually meets at Oakton School in the Auditorium. We have one pack meeting or activity a month, occasionally more.
  • The pack leaders are called Cubmasters—Chris Hersee, Ted Perez, Rob Tredray, Alan Sanders.
  • Our Scout Room is generously provided by the Pope John XXIII School, and is located on the north side (facing Washington Street) on the very top floor of the building with the gymnasium and social hall. This is the first building to the west of Saint Nicholas Catholic Church (map). The Scout Room is above the gym's concession stand. We put a buzzer outside the building when we have den meetings in case someone needs entry.
  • The $50 yearly dues goes into several uses—the national and council dues, providing the boys with their handbook and awards, providing several aspects of the boys uniforms (neckerchief, neckerchief slide, pack number patches, world crest patch, council patch), subscription to the monthly magazine called Boys Life, and discounts or free entry for a number of activities throughout the year. The rest of our funding comes from donations and our yearly popcorn fundraiser. We cover dues for the adult leaders, so there is another reason to volunteer to help us bring the scouting program to your son and his fellow cub scouts.
  • The only required part of the uniform that we ask that you buy for your son is his shirt. We suggest you buy a bit larger of of a shirt keeping in mind your son will be growing during his time in cub scouts. You can purchase his shirt online at, or at the council scout shop up in Highland Park, or locally at Tom Thumb Hobby & Craft store (ask where they keep them in the store) in downtown Evanston.
  • Abbreviations below for various roles-- TDL = Tiger Den Leader; TDLM = TDL Mentor; WDL = Wolf Den Leader; BDL = Bear Den Leader; W1DL = Webelos I Den Leader; W2DL = Webelos II Den Leader; W2DLM = W2DL Mentor; CM = Cubmaster; DD = District Director; DE = District Executive; UC = Unit Commissioner; SC = Swim Coach; RT = Roundtable; PK = Popcorn Kernel (Colonel); SM = Scoutmaster (for the Troop 916 that we feed into); PJS/SNCL = Pope John School / St. Nick's Church Liaison; AC = Advancements Chair; ADC = Assistant District Commissioner; OA = Order of the Arrow; FOS = Friends of Scouting

Contact List

Name Phone Email Role
Kofi Anaman 847-748-9156 DE, FOS
Mary Jo Banks 773-743-7544 TDLM
Katey Berg 847-651-7913 W2DLM
Carl Bobis 847-748-9146 DD
Alex Calderon 847-440-6316 W1DL
Chris Cornue 312-485-0458 WDL
Peter Hall 847-778-2836 UC, SC, OA
Chris Hersee 847-942-3361 CM, PK, RT
John Hitt 847-404-4653 WDL, W1DL
Karen Jamison 847-308-0031 SM
Suzanne LeFevre 847-475-5258 PJS/SNCL
Brooke Lester 847-869-4221 W2DL
Sara Lubic 847-909-4072 AC
Ed Malthouse 773-465-8411 W2DL
Jonathan Meeks 847-687-2337 W1DL
Dan Nishibun 847-691-2020 ADC
Ted Perez 773-415-3492 BDL, CM
Alan Sanders 773-562-2925 CM, TDL, W1DL
Rob Tredray 224-935-0905 CM, OA
Tata Venkata 773-274-8097 W2DL
Brian McCoy 773-759-9768 CM, WDL